Wednesday, 18 June 2008

21st century digital learners - why don't we ask them?

A really interesting article by Marc Prensky was published recently on the Edutopia site. It really focuses on his experiences of how rarely students are consulted about how they like to learn.
This matches my own experience, and even worse, the total disbelief by some teachers that we should even consider asking students about their learning. A previous blog entry of mine refers to an occasions when we asked students to talk about their learning to teachers - what they had to say really blew the teachers away!
The way young people learn is changing more and more, their use of emerging technologies is staggering. We really must be helping them use these devices to enhance the school curriculum. Students are frequently more engaged out of the classroom than inside, often becasue they can't use the technology they know will help them. It is obvious really isn't it?............ isn't it?

To read Marc's article Click here

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