Friday, 6 June 2008

"I want to be a...."

Primary student aspirations: Pilot, Artist, Architect, Lawyer and Judge
Visiting a primary art exhibition recently I was struck by how young students so frequently have high aspirations from a very young age. I always wonder how much we really encourage and enthuse all students as they get older when so many other influeneces take hold.
Making education interesting, engaging, exciting and relevant to teenage students is a key component. Using the technologies that students know and expect to use is another element. Equally important is to ensure that we create learning environments that inspire students to work and enable them to: be creative, collaborate, work independently, research, to experiment and be able to present their work in a variety of ways. (This list is not complete!)

By doing this, we have more chance of helping students maintain their high aspirations as they work, learn, develop, and realise that they can frequently do even better than they think they can.

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