Thursday, 12 June 2008

Performance and Play Environments

During a lightening visit to the UK this week, I was really pleased to see both performance and play environments outside the striking originally designed Bull Ring Shopping Centre.
A sandpit full of happy children, complete with deck chairs, and a small stage allows performance of all sorts for all those passing by. The tiered pedestrian routes (out of picture) also provide many opportunities for audience engagement.
It is just so important that we create opportunities for fun and social interaction where ever possible, in a life where it is all too often missing due to the focus on functionality and value for money. There is so much more to life.
As we design new schools, the outside learning environment is just as important and must contain spaces for social engagement, quietness, reflection, performance and fun....(The list is actually longer than this though!)


TugaSites said...

hello,you have hier a great blog,i add in the favorites,congratulation...greetings from switzerland

Gareth Long said...

Hi Duarte

Thanks for the comment and greetings from.... this week.... the Cayman Islands.