Monday, 23 June 2008

Professor Heppell continues to inspire..

Whenever Professor Heppell joins us for a few days I pack his agenda from morning to night with meetings, and forward planning sessions, both formal and informal, until he gets back onto the plane. Always busy - always fun. He meets endless people many of whom are becoming friends.
What every one always remarks to me is about his endless enthusiasm for our ongoing education transformation process and the many good ideas and support he gives us every time they meet.
This trip included discussions about the development of our new schools, the all important FF&E issues, future moves in ICT on our campuses, post compulsory education trends, curriculum developments, professional development and so on and so on..... a massive agenda, all continuing to change rapidly.
A stimulating few days again that has really motivated so many people.

(The photo above is at a local primary school that has 'named' every corridor... a great idea, but wouldn't it have been rather more fun if the students had made the signs rather than the institutional looking engraved signs??

Senior ICT staff; Mark Ray and Head of ICT for the Ministry; Steve Durksen with Professor Heppell

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