Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Child Centred approach to celebrations!

I'm currently attending numerous School Leaving exercises and Graduations, literally every night, sometimes as a guest, often to present awards to students. The halls are always nicely decorated and look good, but it was real pleasure last night to attend one of our smallest primary schools end of term leaving exercise where the decoration really reflected the fact that the event was all about the young students in the school!

The two layers of pictures represented the students when they joined Reception or Year One with their teddy bears through to their self portraits above. The whole decoration was not done by a professional company but by teachers reflecting a child centred approach for an event attended by students of every age from Years One through Six.

The whole evening, attended by dignitaries including the 'Speaker of the House' and Minister of Education reflected the schools' ethos of the child being at the centre of everything the school does.... it really was a joy to attend.

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