Thursday, 3 July 2008

Media interviews at dawn ... and yes - size does matter!.

The international interest in the transformation of the Cayman Islands education service continued today with a breakfast time telephone media interview by the UK 'The Guardian' newspaper with me and one of the senior teachers of the island. This story will appear in a Building Schools of the Future supplement in September.
The story focused on the splitting of the large George Hicks High School into four smaller schools based on one campus. The four schools, which opened in September 2006, have really transformed the education experiences for students and staff, with smaller numbers of students, better relationships, communication, competition and the ability to be agile in approaches to learning.
Having four schools on one campus has allowed, through economies of scale, a wide range of subjects to be offered, whilst retaining the ability to be agile in approaches to teaching and learning and establishing the close relationships possible in smaller schools.

The increasing concern about the anonymity of students in the monolith schools in the U.K. and America is not an issue in this 'schools within a school' concept. I suspect many more districts will be need considering this approach soon as they plan for the future. It is already too late for the students in the mega schools who are already 'lost'!

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