Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Schools of the Future - hanging out of helicopters

The Clifton Hunter Campus - the lying water was from Tropical Storm Dolly which passed nearby yesterday
Another first today as I flew across all the sites of the new Cayman campuses to take the first of a series of ariel photographs to record the building progress. I have been in helicopters several times but this was done with the door taken off. I was almost hanging out in mid air but with fantastic unlimited views - slightly alarming at first on the ground, but bizarrely not so once we took off. It was really great fun with the wind rushing past!

Recording progress like this is a really important part of the development of the new campuses and an important part of the education transformation process. Not many people have the opportunity to go up in a helicopter to do it, but so often people 'forget' to record progress from the start and then regret it later.

Cayman helicopter with the door back in place

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