Tuesday, 26 August 2008

A very special award...

As I left the Cayman Islands I was more than humbled to be presented with a "Spirit of Excellence in Education" award by the Hon. Minister, Chief Officer and other Ministry staff. The sculpture of a Cayman Cat Boat, carved entirely out of Caymanite (including the sail), it really is a unique piece which will always remain very special to me. (Caymanite is a local stone found only in the Cayman Islands - its colours are amazing).
I have written before that the reason that so much has been achieved in the transformation of the education service in Cayman has been down to the totally committed and energetic and excellence of the team. We all needed and supported each other. I genuinely do feel amazed being presented with such a special and fantastic item.
I will remain in touch with everyone and continue to support them in every way I can, albeit from the U.K. Thanks guys (and Sir)!

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