Thursday, 25 September 2008

21st century learning spaces - rising from the ground!

It is really incredibly exciting to receive news updates on the progress of the fantastic cutting edge designs of new schools in Grand Cayman. Having been involved in this project from the very start, it is just fantastic that the buildings are now 'rising from the ground', and the concept drawing and architects impressions become real.

The photrograph above shows the progress in building the Global Learning Centre of the Clifton Hunter Campus based in Frank Sound.

There is still massive international interest in the work that the Cayman Islands have undertaken. In my new roles, based in the UK, I am very frequently being asked about the Cayman story, from people who have heard all about it in conferences, from websites and a range of other sources.

It really is interesting to see such repeated genuine interest in one small country being brave in planning the future for its education system, and continuing to be brave! Many seem to be very jealous of the ability of the Cayman Islands to have been able to do this.

An impression inside the foyer of Global Learning Centre

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