Friday, 5 September 2008

Flexi hours... work and school

Caught in a London rush hour, (in the rain again), I could not help but observe the thousands of people all plodding along under their umbrellas, heading the same way, at the same time,

Flexi-hours for work are increasing, working at home is increasing (with it's advantages and disadvantages), and the capacity of technology is developing faster than ever! Surely there must be better and more effective ways for quite so many people to have to cram into the city all at the same time every single working day.

This argument could also be extended to schools. How often have teachers asked for earlier or later starts to the day for a whole variety of reasons, personal and professional? The same surely equally applies for students, many of whom now openly admit to learning more useful information out of school than when they are in it. There are already schools trialling 'late' starts for some groups, allegedly reporting improved performance, attendance and discipline. We also have the welcomed increase in experiential learning in a variety of different locations out of the school environment.

In addition with the development of VLE's (or MLE's) and the trend to students having their own handheld devices in an increasing number of areas, surely the whole organisation of education (in and out of schools) should really be being considered rather more seriously.... and creatively?

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