Monday, 29 September 2008

Education transformation - everyone is doing it!

Education focused dinner with (from right: Kris Fielding, me and Randy Fielding (FNI), with colleagues from Regina, Saskatchewan

Now in San Diego for the Annual CEFPI conference. It is always great to meet up with old colleagues, network with new ones, and have a chance to catch up with what people are doing from other parts of the world.


I spent time last night over dinner with old friends Randy and Kris Fielding from Fielding Nair International and some great people from different aspects of education in Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada. It was really interesting to hear the various (but often similar challenges) from building new schools (and funding issues), trying to transform education, (especially regarding learning and teaching) down to the issues of running a school with a non graduation rate of up to 80%, largely due to a highly transient population.
Some of their current plans are very ambitious and cutting edge, especially in their discussions about where really education should take place for maximum impact on students but also for the community and life long learning. Typically challenging and innovative ideas from FNI are adding great interest to the debate. Does it really have to be all based in one building we call a school? Of course not! The fascination is what replaces it and the ingenuity of the solutions being considered!

What is really encouraging that so many people are trying to do so much that is similar, often with the same issues. Conferences such as this are a great way to learn, discuss and build learning and working partnerships.

This was a great evening. Not only was the conversation and debate very good, so was the food...

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