Thursday, 4 September 2008

On-line and life long learning - the taxi driver

Whilst sitting in a taxi in Manchester this week (in the seemingly never ending rain!!) the driver was quick to establish that I was 'somehow involved in education'. From that moment he was quick to tell me all about his 'on-line' plumbing course and how good it was and what a great way to learn. He could do it when he wanted and do the necessary reading any time, anyplace with assessments as he felt ready.

He was particularly proud of his integrity in completion of the assessments - and whilst 'friends' were suggesting he looked up the answers when he got answers wrong, he had no intention of cheating himself. He was aiming to be quite the entrepreneur renting out his cab whilst busy practicing his new skills.

He was a superb and honest advocate of the need for life long learning, and he could not really understand why everyone was not wanting to extend or develop new skills, especially as the "world is always flippin' changing!"

It was genuinely refreshing to hear such a positive honest and upbeat advocate of both life long and on line learning - he would have been an ideal person to put in front of anyone... from adults to secondary students. He really was excited about it!

(As we arrived at my destination this positive mood was slightly spoilt by his closing remarks wishing that the 'beating of students' should be reintroduced back into schools! Ah well - you can't win them all!)

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Pedagogy Unbound said...

Possibly this beating of students issue has more to do with his frustration at not learning enough at school because of the persistent poor behaviour of other pupils in his class. Just a thought.