Monday, 27 October 2008

The chocolate challenge is on...

It really is fun to see people challenging themselves and others.. Professor Stephen Heppell and Georgia, my wife, are searching for the biggest chocolate bar....Why? it's either all to do with him with total confidence failing to fix our dishwasher in Cayman (just don't ask!) or me staying in the UK longer then predicted due to an activity with Stephen when she said that no chocolate bar was big enoughas compensation. Whichever it was, the cause is now immaterial - the challenge was set..... and continues!! The result inevitably involved emails and on line research with amazing people in a well known chocolate company...

The dimensions of the chocolate bar that arrive throught the post on Saturday caused some stress for the postman... but not my wife.. this is the biggest yet, complete with smaller chocolate bars, hats, tee shirts, pens and even a mouse mat (an interactive chocolate bar?)... but is it the biggest? The hunt seems to continue!

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