Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Classrooms of the future and lego

Get several hundred delegates and give them many boxes of lego...... and ask them to represent a classroom of the future to reflect certain elements, such as socialisation, movement, intake (refreshments) etc. Fascinating discussions as architects, educators, facility planners, designers all contribute their interpretations. So interested were they to create attractive spaces with features that some forgot spaces for .... students!
The resulting discussions however were fascinating and many ideas shared. It's one of those times when often the messages aren't that new, but they need bringing back to the front of peoples minds.
Rather alarmingly, there were a few for whom the message was new... and they are designing 21st century schools now!

Explaining the vision: Chief Officer of the Cayman Islands Ministry of Education; Mrs Angela Martins - who DOES get the messages - unlike some.
(Apologies for the poor quality photograph - taken by cell phone in poor light)

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