Friday, 3 October 2008

Networking, contacts, and so on... both formal and informal

Vaughan Carter and Angela Martins of the Cayman Islands, Professor Stephen Heppell, cefpi President Merle Kirkley, Rick Dewar and Trung Le (oWp/p) and yours truely..
In any conference, a key part of the informal agenda is the networking, making contacts, catching up with news and promoting things that are good that one is associated with! Inevitably with that, come the dreaded photos..... both formal and informal. I have got to admit I prefer the informal ones any time!

Even looking at these two photographs I love informal eating spaces and time for discussion and chat - work and non work combined. That's how most of us like to eat. But how often can we provide such opportunities for students in schools? Probably far more often that we think we can I suspect!

Chief Officer Mrs Angela Martins (centre) of the Cayman Islands with Maureen O'Shaughnessy of CS&P Architects, Toronto, (Architect of the new primary school in Cayman)

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