Thursday, 2 October 2008

Old Colleagues still equals much work

The old Cayman gang back together... high schools architects Trung Le and Rick Dewar of oWp/p, Vauighan Carter and Angela Martins of the Ministry of Education, Cayman Islands and yours truely now representing a major UK builder of 'Schools of the Future' waiting to listen to the key note speaker; Prof. Stephen Heppell.
Meeting up with old colleagues is one of the benefits of attending certain conferences. The cefpi Annual Conference, this year in San Diego, is the biggest or most relevant of its type in North America and Canada. People from all over the workd, including Australia, UK, Jordan, Dubai, Singapore, Mexico and Cayman Islands may their way to this conference to talk about nothing but schols and classrooms of the future.
Rick Dewar and Trung Le of oWp/p, architects of the new Cayman Islands Campuses were present as well as the Chief Officer and Deputy Chief Officer of my old 'firm' the Ministrry of education in the Cayman Islands. Also present was Maureen O'Shaughnessy of CS&P, one of the architects of the new primary school being built, in Cayman as well as Jeff Lackney, Randy and Kris Fielding of FNI. The key note speaker for the three main days was Prof. Stephen Heppell, also invoved with the Cayman project so it really was the old gang togther again!
Although the conference was very busy with 8.00a.m. session start times, there was also opportunity to relax , catch up and , inevitably share ideas and plans. Even though I have physically left Cayman, it was great to be involved in some very detailed discussions.
The quality of debate and planning in the conference shows that the UK, Australia, Dubai and Cayman Islands are really at the forefront of progressive thinking in educational design and implementation. Having said that, there are some great ideas here but several that are not very innovative, just nice buildings.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed seeing all of my past colleagues on the Cayman Islands project as well Garth. I look forward to seeing the fruits of all our labors be enjoyed by a new generation of Caymanian families!

Gareth Long said...

Jef - it really was very very good to see you in San Diego - hope everything continues to go well