Sunday, 12 October 2008

The Pink Train Set...... ?

My two year old daughters' birthday party his week end and amongst the gifts and toys various, (from a fluffy polar bear through to Winnie the Pooh) was the star toy of a pink train set! This came complete with a handbag store, clothes store and an ice cream parlour........ and a pink train and various pastel coloured vehicles such as the lilac van...
Teaching girls that there are no barriers for future careers and opportunities and that they can succeed in any career is a message that can take years. Presumably therefore, this should start early.
I can't help thinking that there is something wrong here, girls and train sets are fine... but pastel colours and shops seem to be preparing her for a future life of shopping - is this wise I ask my self?
But there again- she is only two and she just loves it! Maybe that is all that matters.

This post has achieved hundred of hits already - so see also the post entitled 'The Pink Screwdriver'


Michelle Coppage said...

Where can I find this train set? I love it!!!

Gareth Long said...

Hi - so amy times have people emailed asking for details of this...

We got it it at Toys-R-Us.... I checked on-line a few months ago for someone else and it was there, but I could not find it on-line today.

I have also seen them on the shelves in the store -(but rarely go there so.......)

Perhaps it has fallen victim to the 'anti-pink- brigade? (who are clearly bonkers! -what's wrong with pink? says my oldest daughter)

Anonymous said...

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