Sunday, 19 October 2008

Sculptures in school.... and outside. It's a small world!

It's a small world... whilst being a Headteacher in London I decided to employ a resident sculptor in school for two years. Also acting as an Art technician, established sculptor Adam Reynolds ran all sorts of workshops and extra curricular activities. Sculpture appeared around the school, often curriculum related including a sculpture by students on synonyms, through to helping students with their art projects. Helping radically transform the school environment, Adam was also a great hit with the students.

Fast forward four years later and in a totally different part of the country I now do a lot of work on 'Schools of the Future' bids in Sale, Manchester - somewhere I had never been before. Literally just yards down the road as I walked to get a sandwich I spotted a sculpture. Always interested I looked closer and discovered thast it had been created by: you guessed it - Adam. It really is a very small world!

Sculpture can really play a very important part in enhancing school environments. Unlike some schools that just commission it, it is so much more powerful if students design and create it, either as a curricular or extra curricular activity. Predictably of course, work designed and created by students rarely gets damaged.

To see Adam's website click here.

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