Thursday, 23 October 2008

Standing out amongst the greyness

Visiting 'Partnerships for Schools' for a meeting today in Westminster, I was deep in thought about schools as I walked past Big Ben. The sky was very dark and grey, Big Ben stood out as a real beacon against it.

As we look for real innovation and education transformation, some are really seizing the concept of being a beacon of excellence in their areas. It is, however, very depressing to hear of some schools that have little aspiration and who are not that interested in seizing the opportunities afforded under the BSF project (Building Schools of the Future). They just want what they have now, or maybe a coat of paint in their classrooms. How will this work in ten, twenty, thirty years time......?

Buildings alone do not bring about transformation, but seizing the spirit of transformational change in education and all working as a team throughout the entire process, new schools of the future, should really be education beacons of the community and provide all learners, no matter what their age, massive opportunities.

The pace of change is so fast now, but there are far too many people who are not aiming anywhere near high enough! They really do need to know what is happening elsewhere to help raise aspirations - for the sake of the students of the future!

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