Monday, 10 November 2008

Anytime anywhere access for all.......

With apologies for the slightly fuzzy picture- the train was going fast!
Sitting on the train today I am busy exploring working with a new 3G card, enabling me to surf the web to my hearts content… (at least when there is a signal anyway.)

Service providers currently charge a monthly fee for this, but it really is not going to be long before laptops and other devices have all this technology built into it as standard and all access will be free. As this happens, the aspirational concept of ‘anytime anywhere’ learning for all will come much closer to being a reality.

Technological progress is moving at such a pace few can predict what will actually be available in five years time. I suspect that those that do predict may also find that their thoughts are conservative at best and that things arrive long before they expect them.

All this is good news for the young learners who now expect to use this technology as a norm – their learning opportunities and aspirations will just continue to soar. The question is whether adults will keep up (probably not!) and help them develop how to use the skills and knowledge they learn or act as a roadblock to their learning?

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