Sunday, 23 November 2008

Cayman Brac recovers after Hurricane Paloma

Photo: courtesy of Cayman News Service
Where there is real determination and dedication amazing things can happen! Not long after Hurricane Paloma wrecked the schools on Cayman Brac, the High School is already opening its doors this week, at least for the oldest students, to minimise disruption to exam courses. This is really meaningful to me as I was, at one stage, the Principal of this school.

This has only been possible due to the determination and enthusiasm of staff, all of whom have also had serious issues as a result of the hurricane. Some are homeless, some have lost possessions etc.

A clear emergency plan and really effective leadership has really helped ease the situation and will ensure that the students, the majority of whom have also had their lives thrown into total turmoil, regain some normalacy and consistency as soon as possible.

I really congratulate my former colleagues in the Ministry, Department and education staff for the real focus and energy in helping their young people - this works even better in small communities where everyone knows everyone and can help meet individual needs! (A bit like small schools really!)

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