Thursday, 13 November 2008

Promoting Learning

From railway stations to coaches!
Travelling around the country, today up to (Manchester), it is now quite commonplace to see learning being promoted in a variety of ways and places. It is quite usual to see towns or cities promoting themselves as learning communities at railway stations, on the side of coaches or on banners across the street. It is also extending to countries – the Cayman Islands for example, are working to be able to promote themselves as an entire learning country!

As we move more and more towards delivering the concept of life long ‘any time anyplace’ learning that is accessible to all, the challenges of equality of access, the appropriateness or relevance of the provision on offer and importantly the environments that may support this, are beginning to be faced.

To make it really effective the whole community must get involved in creatively supporting and promoting learning opportunities and then recognising and celebrating those that undertake them.

We are all learning all the time - how much of it is recognised or even used? Not that much I suggest. Why not?

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