Monday, 24 November 2008

Sharing conversations - transforming education

I led two of the workshops on 'Research and Development priorities for Local Education Authorities' and chaired the afternoon session at the 'Transform Schools Partners Conference' last Friday held at the Manchester Museum of Science.

An interesting decision was to have a key note speaker representing the private sector. Speaker: Dr Julie Madigan, Chief Executive of the Management Institute was really effective in giving examples of how management efficiencies have been achieved. This inevitably got delegates to consider how these could be transferred into their own organisations, whilst Russell Andrews, Director of Education and Planning from Partnerships from Schools addressed many contemporary issues and thoughts about the future of assessment. Add to this the inevitable and valuable professional networking, discussions and opportunities to share ideas which always take place, resulted in what seems to have been a very day for all .

The workshops and speakers really challenged many aspects of current practice. So many people talk about the need for a cultural shift in our education system, but few seem to have have many ideas as to how to really successfully achieve it. That's the real issue we all have to really address.

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