Thursday, 18 December 2008

Good ideas - fitness trails in dead spaces

What do you do with a spare piece of land between the neighbours walls and an external hardcourt? So easily could it become a piece of nothing space, or the dreaded smokers corner! Most schools have such dead spaces, good ideas are always welcomed..

The answer for Islington Arts and Media School was to make it a fitness trail - what else? This photograph really does not do it justice as it cover three sides of the hard play space with two lanes,with lots of activities, one for each direction, thereby effectively creating a loop. With the mature trees in place it almost looks like a woodland trail.

Students love it, it is very different, and they get more engaged in physical activities as a result. It is challenging whilst fun.
It's just a really nice idea. I almost was tempted to try it.... almost but not quite....... Maybe after Christmas.... maybe!

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