Monday, 1 December 2008

Managed Learning Environments... Green is good!

I visited the impressive 'managed IT services' at Suffolk Council in Ipswich today, operated by BT, to see the extent of the integration of services and the technical backup for the county wide service. This relieves the multiple end users having to worry about this aspect of their systems or spending money deploying their limited resources. It also, of course, allows integration across all the various services.

Having the centralised technical staff phoning you informing you have a fault in your system before you have noticed it your self must be encouraging for Headteachers, and the many other users of the system! I just wonder why they did not notice themselves? L0ts of green icons on the screens is good - red is bad. If only everything in education could be monitored so easily.

The photograph shows the desk of one of the system monitoring personnel... I get confused with two screens - if I had four to monitor ... eek!!

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