Tuesday, 30 December 2008

The Pink Screwdriver!

The pink screwdriver from two angles - one showing the headlight!
Yesterday I posted a comment on the real need for colour and attractiveness in new learning environments to really help engage and motivate students and staff. This does, of course, also refer to the equipment that everyone uses. However, we don't have to be silly about it.... or do we?

My independent thinking 19 year old daughter is a dab hand at all sorts of things, including building 'kit furniture'. She has, however, decided that the really cool tool in her limited collection is her new small electric screwdriver - because it is pink! Even better it has a 'headlight' so you can see where the screw is. Bizarre really - I have not seen this feature before -but she loves it! (Makes you wonder how anyone has survived for so many years without a headlight really!!)

I really am not suggesting that we colour code all such resources in schools from now on, but all her female friends do think it is very cool! And... if you 'google' pink screwdriver it turns out that there are pages of pink tools aimed at the female market - so why haven't we cottoned on to this?

Lots of people have spent ages thinking about ways of attracting more and more girls into technology and previously messy workshop environments - maybe we should have been considering the resources in use all along. As many of the technology subjects in our 21st century technology curriculum become cleaner maybe we can introduce more colour, maybe including pink drills etc.. Or am I just being very deliberately provocative? :-) (But we do already have very bright orange, green and blue tools - why not pink?)

Very bizarrely, writing about pink objects seems to attract a huge internet following in its own right. A previous blog post of mine 'The Pink Train' about my youngest daughter's new toy has attracted literally hundreds of hits in it's own right. Perhaps this Pink Screwdriver blog post will as well.

Have a great New Year!

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Anonymous said...

I belong to a motorcycle forum and one of the girls in our section posted recently about the pink tool set she had just bought.. Now bearing in mind I don't 'do' pink, I was amazed when I replied how cool that was.. After exchanging address and $'s on my part, my pink tool set arrived here in the UK this morning in the mail! And I'm totally in love with it..

It comes in a canvas holdall which much nicer than the 'tacky' plastic cased ones we seem to sell here and contains a basic tool set.

I'm now on the look out for more pink tools to add to it :-)