Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Professor Stephen Heppell talking about ICT and the future

I recently came across a new blog Creative Tallis. This is posted by students and staff at the Thomas Tallis School in Greenwich, London, who are interested in creative learning. They apparently meet regularly to discuss what this means for the learning actuvuties that takes place in their school.

Part of the post includes a video by my friend and 'guru' Professor Stephen Heppell who talks about the future of learning and technology, but including some history as well. As always it is a well reasoned 'chat' that makes so much sense. And, of course, he has been proved to be right so often!

An interesting view (Blog post dated 14 December 08) click here!

As for Creative Tallis - wouldn't it be just great if every school were so proactive about the learning that they want in their schools. Talking regularly about approaches to learning must have a positive impact in the school and is a great form of ongoing development. This must be especially true as they involve students, who are often so much wiser about their own preferred learning styles than the teachers!

I will watch this blog with interest.

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