Friday, 5 December 2008

Stacking furniture.. encouraging agility in learning spaces.

Whilst I am not convinced of the need for desks as such, I really liked the adaptable desks I saw today. With wheels on the back legs and a handle to move them by cut into the surface they were certainly easy to move around and did stack very neatly. (See photo below) They would certainly clear lots of space in learning environments and were light enough to encourage a range of configurations.

People are coming up with a wide range of solutions to allow agility in learning environments - with so many ideas coming on the market, there must be things for most people.

The biggest battle is to ensure people select and buy what will be most appropriate, attractive and comfortable for students - they're the ones who have to use it!

In some cases students have selected from a limited range provided by a specialist supplier, and then their ideas were rejected. So why ask them?

(More on furniture over the next few weeks)

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