Thursday, 15 January 2009

BETT 2009 (1): what a show!

It is always great to attend the BETT Show each year, one of the biggest Education ICT shows in the world. There are always some great new ideas to pick up - though you often have to look quite carefully amongst the market place atmosphere. Everyone is claiming to offer the solution to 21st century education, teaching and learning, VLE's, managed systems, online content, software, hardware and..... just so much more!!

Two days in and there are still new things to see as I walk around. My concern is that amongst the good ideas that schools and authorities see, is that they have a clear strategy for coherent purchases that integrate with current systems and schools / authorities priorities.

This is a great event with delegates from all over the world, including many many Minsters of Education - innovation, imagination and ways to imlement are the name of the game - i you have never been I really recommend it!

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