Thursday, 15 January 2009

BETT 2009 (2): internet down - oh dear!!

So the largest education ICT show, possibly in the world, suffered a major hiccup yesterday - the internet went down to all exhibitors. How embarrassing,,,,, I happened to be at Professor Stephen Heppell's stand for a live link up with colleagues in the Cayman Islands. Even the Cayman Minster of Education was supposed to be there, but there was nothing anyone could do.

Luckily governmental talks prevented the Minster from attending and the link had to be postponed. Just a slightly embarrassing notice to have to display - the top one replaced the one below.... but it is no better really.

But these things happen and I know the link will happen!

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Ray said...

Hi Gareth,

Well it seems it got us all - we were planning to do a live video conference link from our BETT stand to a primary school in Devon. The first time was interrupted half-way through, and then we had to abandon plans to do a live link when Jim Knight came along to visit us - a bunch of smiley children at Broadclyst just left looking into a blank screen.