Thursday, 15 January 2009

BETT (3) - international links with the Cayman Islands DO take place

Students from St. Pauls Convent School, Hong Kong, 'beam' into BETT to talk to students from Capel le Ferne Primary School (and being filmed as well)
Students from George Hicks and John Gray Schools of the Cayman Islands with Prof. Heppell (top left)
It was just fab being at BETT today, with all connections solved, and a) seeing UK students discussing their schools with students from international schools including Cayman and Hong Kong via 'i Chat' or similar and b) meeting former colleagues from Cayman.

The ability for students to easily and realistically talk and work with their peers anywhere in the world really does bring new dimensions to their learning and totally widens their experience. The students questioned each other about every possible thing about their schools and approaches to learning and totally ignored the adults standing by watching.

There are few limits with reliable and robust connectivity... the only limits are really within the imagination of students and staff....
(Photos taken with BlackBerry - so not as good as usual -apologies)
Former colleagues; Clive Baker, Head of Curriculum Services, Mark Ray, Head of ICT Integration of the Cayman Islands Department of Education Services with Prof. Stephen Heppell

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