Tuesday, 13 January 2009

George Town Primary School, (Cayman Islands) back on track??

(Photo courtesy of the Caymanian Compass)
I was really pleased to read recently that the new primary school I worked on extensively in the Cayman Islands over the past two years, may yet avoid the international credit crunch. Not too long ago it was a possible project to delay due to national budget issues. Reading the Caymanian Compass online I see reprieve is possible. GTPS news article

I know only too well that it is a project very close to the heart of my old 'boss' Minister Alden McLaughlin, and he would have been heartbroken to give it up. I can visualise former colleagues in the Ministry really trying to find ways to deliver the project.

Not only do the students, staff and community of George Town Primary school REALLY need a new building, but the designs for it are really exciting and literally world class. A variety of flexible spaces really will allow such a wide range of learning and teaching to take place - it should well end up as an award winning new design standard for the Caribbean region.

A range of international experts collaborated on the design including Professor Stephen Heppell, Prakash Nair, and all the ideas collated and translated into such an exciting design by excellent architects Maureen O'Shaughnessy and Craig Goodman of CS & P from Toronto. The building design reflects all the aspirations for 21st century agile teaching and learning spaces, whilst interpreting many traditional Caymanian architectural designs into a very modern design. We are all excited about the possibility of this project being finished - the whole process to now has been a consistently positive process.

To my several Cayman readers - I know I have not written about Cayman Islands education for a while - more will follow I am sure!

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