Friday, 9 January 2009

Schools closed.... not if they had e-learning..

Several things happened this week to disrupt 'normality' (whatever that is). The freezing weather has closed schools for days, I have sat on trains for hours stranded by frozen points, all sorts of chaos.

Although my train did not move for a considerable time (twice - two sets of frozen points) I was still able to work non stop due to laptop and 'G card', giving me uninterrupted Internet access.

Many schools now have fully functional VLE's and closures really do not have to stop students (and staff) doing a full days work from a different location, even if it is home. This is the 21st century vision for learning and teaching in many local authorities and schools already. All that has to happen is ensuring reliable and robust technology, universal access and a VLE well populated with resources and tasks. Students would then be able to complete course work as appropriate and contribute to their online e-portfolios.

Add to this the ability to instant message then real dialogue between students and staff, collaboration between students and so on, can add considerably to the quality of the learning taking place.

Some students may regret it, but soon, very soon, (if not now), school closures will not mean no learning. I can't wait - it could be so exciting!


Simon Lewis said...

Just spent the last half hour reading you amazing blog! It's facinating to see how far ahead you guys over in the UK when it comes to ICT in education.

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Gareth Long said...

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