Monday, 26 January 2009

Signage nightmare - must do better

This door possibly leads to the male bathroom - but are we sure?
A key part of excellence in any working environment is appearance and function. It has to be look good , be well cared for and allow people to operate effectively. An important aspect of any environment is the signage displayed. It should be informative, consistent useful and branded to equate with the school or organisation it is in.

At an upscale and upmarket conference in a large hotel near Heathrow last week, (which clearly receives huge numbers of international visitors), the signage was truly appalling. Without even considering the rest of the environment, the signage employed on the bathroom doors was, frankly, bizarre. It also helped totally 'lower the tone' of the environment. It's not even as though it is in different languages. It is plain tatty and so definitely NOT a 21st century learning environment.

If the service professionals can't get it right for what should / could be a great venue - how do we expect young people to! Really a case of 'they MUST do better!'

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