Thursday, 29 January 2009

"What was wrong with that?.... what is RIGHT with it!"

Photograph : Wales News Service
In several of today's papers is an article about a new primary school being built in Abergwynfi and the fact that the buildings are circular. Nothing too radical in that really in today's ideas of creating exciting 21st century learning spaces that allows multiple learning teaching styles. This is despite one newspaper calling the design revolutionary. Importantly the learners who will be using the new spaces think they are really cool".

Clearly there is a very clear rationale of how learning spaces are designed that fit with the schools (and authority's) vision for the future of learning. This IS the way forward and it is great that students, staff and authorities are thinking together on how spaces are designed.

However, several papers quote at least one parent who seems to want a forward thinking authority and teachers to revert to Victorian school design though: 'I have lovely memories of going to the old school. The desks were all lined up with the best children in the front and the worst at the back – what was wrong with that? Everyone knew where they were then.'

Whats' wrong with that? What's right with it!

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