Monday, 2 February 2009

Digital Signage - how to do it...

A couple of posts ago I wrote about just horrible signage I encountered in a large hotel during a conference. (Click to read). Schools I have visited have mixed abilities as to how well and professional they are in their own signage. Some are brilliant with consistent high quality branded signs throughout the campus and printed signs - some are not!

There is also an increasing use of digital signage in schools, especially in school foyers, for visitors, parents and so on. This is right as we work to create 21st century learning environments. These digital signs not only are able to give notices but also celebrate and promote the successes of their students and the school as a whole. Often schools use wall mounted plasma screens.

But why do they tend to be limited to foyers? Wouldn't where students gather and meet be an even better place to celebrate success and show important messages. Some schools are now at last also placing screens in dining areas and other social areas with school news, alongside screens showing television news and so on.

The key requirement is that news and information in schools is presented in a high quality professional way - even down to brief notices. To get really high standards from students - we have to set standards and model it at all times! The days of a tatty scribbled note stuck on a door with some sticky tape really is over!

(Picture: I particularly liked the digital signage on show at the BETT show this year from MRG Systems Ltd - it's not new, it's not hard - but it just looks so professional)

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