Monday, 9 February 2009

Fiction and reality -

Harry Potter lives? Travelling through Kings Cross Station again yesterday I am always amazed by the queue of people waiting to photograph the sign for Platform 9 3/4. For the first time, and just for this blog, I joined them.
I think it's really great that the station have put/kept this sign up, and (although not photographed) have a half luggage trolley bolted to the wall as though it is 'on the way through' as in the film. It's a piece of fun and nothing more. A work of fiction that is almost becoming a piece of reality. Most people who see it are smiling, laughing and chatting away -tourists in their hoards go to find it - a tourist attraction in it's own right.
There is not enough fun in today's life, with increasing demands for functionality and efficiency. This slightly quirky place with what is effectively now a piece of installation art should remind us that as we design new learning spaces we are also about developing the whole person.
Hence my constant plea for student areas in schools with spaces designed for art and sculpture and other things created by, or significant to, the students, school or local community.
Slightly crazy -- but why not?

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