Monday, 23 February 2009

Indoor Outdoor Spaces 2

Attending yet another meeting recently I was really taken by the new space we met in. The reception area that had been constructed acted as a connection between an old and new building.

Made almost entirely of glass, the space was light, airy, warm and acted as a main circulation space between the two buildings. It was modern and welcoming and featured sculptures and other art works. The walls of the adjoining buildings were also largely glass giving great transparency into the working aspects of the building.

Many schools are now looking for ways to enlarge their reception areas to serve numerous functions, including celebrating students work for parents and visitors to enjoy but also to increase the transparency for visitors as to the learning purpose of the school. 21st century learning is not a secret activity. By increasing the awareness of what is happening the more ways we can celebrate work and get involved in collaborative working.
Glass is arguably one of the most important construction materials today - used well it is a fantastic tool for opening up learning environments and allowing far greater collaboration and engagement than ever before.
I loved this cleverly designed space as did the colleagues I was meeting with. We all always say it but well planned environments really do make a difference!

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