Sunday, 15 February 2009

Learning everywhere - Blue Plaques and new knowledge

Walking through Manchester recently I became aware of a number of blue plaques on buildings outlining things various of historical interest. They are everywhere throughout the country of course, but this time I actually read them in stead of just walking past. Now whilst I possibly don't need to know about the first commercial production of phenol, carbolic acid etc (see above), it did outline things I just did not know, and it was actually quite interesting as I walked along.

Lots can be done online, but if you don't know what happened in that area, you don't know what to look up and would never know.

The highly commendable blue plaque scheme celebrates success of people who did well in the past or historical events. I always wonder though, whether we do enough to celebrate people and achievements that happen contemporaneously!

This of course easily translates to schools and student achievement. Many schools are getting quite good at this, but many could do better!

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