Thursday, 5 February 2009

Preconceptions are usually wrong

I visited Hull (or Kingston upon Hull) for the first time last week - I am not sure what I was expecting really......

I guess stepping out of my hotel in the morning and seeing a marina bathed in sunshine was not it.... but it was a great way to start the day and really demonstrated the determination of the regeneration agenda that Hull are striving to undertake. (The view was so nice that the camera on my cell phone was put back to use!)

Hull are just as committed to achieving high standards in all their schools. They, like many other people, have their challenges, but the determination and vision to succeed, as demonstrated by a meeting with a room full of commited educators, is a great start.

The BSF (Building Schools of the Future) programme will help in this determination for improvement as they strive to achieve great 21st century learning environments as well as great learning opportunities for their students.... It will be hard work but if everyone pulls together.... then anything is possible and the results may surprise many people.

I try not to have preconceptions - they are so often wrong!

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