Saturday, 14 February 2009

Student Voice - thinking about learning environments

A key part of this years BSEC conference was the competition for primary schools to redesign their learning environments. Taken very seriously by many, there were several finalists but winning school, Morely Newlands Primary School really had considered the competition very seriously indeed.

A group of their students received their awards from Professor Heppell, in the absence of Minister Jim Knight, and were asked a number of spontaneous questions. The question abut what they would change about their school was met with a number of responses, including "everything" to "get rid of the walls!"

The student words to support their submission really demonstrated the high expectations they wished for their own learning environment.

Our young learners really do know how they would like to learn and know what they want in a learning environment - it's just that they are not asked often enough, or in many schools - ever! This lack of engagement with learners about how to support their better engagement in their learning is frankly.... bonkers! Why wouldn't you?

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