Friday, 20 March 2009

Is making coffee a 21st century learning skill?

Just a very light hearted comment really, but having just spent the day travelling to and from Rotherham (from London) with colleague Prof. Stephen Heppell, maybe part of the social skills we should teach is how to make a decent cup of coffee. The cups we had today on the train were either terrible or just plain bland. How could it be so bad? But is it a life skill? :=)


Anonymous said...

You don't include all reasonably made comments, do you?

Gareth Long said...


Yes I do try to publish all reasonable comments, but maybe not always immediately. For example I have just posted a series that came in over the weekend. They do add to the blog and do themselves attract additional comments from the several hundred readers each month. Some people post comments for me but not for publication.

I rarely work on my blog at weekends as I have a very young family and try to spend as much time as possible with them. You will see that few posts are done at weekends for that very reason. In fact most entries are written on the train (as is this comment) or from hotels, as I travel around the country.

I never publish comments about individual people (and yes I do get them) and I rarely publish negative comments about specific named schools, simply because I frequently do not know enough about the actual situations mentioned. I have to try to be fair and balanced and teachers have a hard enough job without being 'popped at' by people not there.

I hope that this helps.