Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Cayman Islands - 21st Century Transformational Learning Campuses growing fast!

It really has been a long time since I have referred to the blog which I started whilst Strategic Development Advisor (Education) to the Minister of Education in the Cayman Islands. I am pleaseed to see that it is still running and being updated.

Anyone checking up on it recently will see that two of the three cutting edge designed new high schools are now well under way, even to the stage of staff taking tours of the construction site. (Unfortunately the third is on ice, temporarily - the credit crunch has also hit Cayman you know). Even more exciting are the 'flythroughs' of the interiors which have also just been posted. (See below for link). These fab and totally transformational spaces were designed in concept by world leading designer Praknash Nair of Fielding Nair International, in conjunction with Professor Stephen Heppell and international architects oWp/p of Chicago. I was fortunate to have worked closely with all of them for a long time and remain a senior consultant for Fielding Nair,

I was really lucky at having been involved in all this work from a national strategic level right through to teacher and student level. One of the regrets at leaving the Ministry and Cayman Islands was knowing I would not be there to see all the preparation for teachers and also, not seeing the new schools on completion. I was just so involved for so long! (Mind you the exciting opportunities in the UK are also fascinating!)

To hear about and see the progress on the learning campuses that has been made from both reports by friends but also blog posts is just so encouraging and exciting.

There are literally people all over the world who are watching these campuses being built with real interest and the requests to visit started just ages ago. Even I get asked if I can arrange visits for people even though I am now based in the U.K. When you see the images - you can see why!
To view the CI education blog click here
To view the internal 'flythroughs' of the new Learning Campuses click here


Anonymous said...

I've said it before but you have so much variety in this blog - it is just always interesting to drop in to.

Gareth Long said...

Hi - thanks very much for the comment...