Monday, 30 March 2009

Discussing BSF.....

In a busy week (last week) I was also invited to an invitation only round table discussion on BSF organised by think tank 'Policy Exchange'. Just eighteen of us, including Tim Byles from PfS, along with representatives from education, ICT, contractors, BECTA, RIBA, politics and academics discussed our own perspectives of the BSF process and impact of it.

This was just a very first meeting of a longer piece of research involving lots of people which will, in turn, lead to a written report which will hopefully inform / support future decisions.

Sessions such as these are always really stimulating session once people gain confidence and as people speak honestly about intention, reality and solutions. One challenge will be to harness all the different views!

Certainly the time went very quickly, I suspect many of us could have stayed and discussed far more! Perhaps I will get another opportunity...

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