Thursday, 12 March 2009

Evidence based decisions...

Where is the evidence? was the proclamation last night at the launch of the CfBT research initiative 'Evidence matters'.

A packed meeting, with keynote speech by former Secretary of State for Education; Baroness Estelle Morris, heard the plea for more decisions concerning education to be based on real evidence. Specifically she called for pedagogy to be really evidence based and for the politics to be taken out of classroom pedagogy.

She also noted that many schools face a range of similar issues. For every issue there is somewhere which has found a solution. What we are not good at is creating a national solution or even sharing the solution with others. All too often schools are working in silos, when really there is no need for that to happen.

More and more people (and countries) are beginning to talk about pedagogy and making decisions. The better the evidence they use to make decision the better the quality of response should be. The evening went on in this vein with philosophical debate tempered by real life research and use of evidence from school staff.

The event also featured the launch of the new education evidence portal website. Most education professionals, especially teachers, do not really have time to research. This portal will help people find educational evidence from a range of reputable sources using a single search. It is designed for both professional and lay people interested in education and children's services and really should be a great tool as it further develops.

To visit the eep site click here.

It is always great to be in a room with so many people really passionate about improving the education for students and eep should be a great resource for all those interested in education research. A great initiative CfBT!


Anonymous said...

She calls for "...politics to be taken out of classroom pedagogy." .... what happened to you then Estelle? You made some honest comments .... so your masters removed you. Yes ... no?

Anonymous said...

Take politics out of the classroom? You are joking. We all realize that teaching children is quite straightforward (not easy, but straightforward). The problem is, it is too much of a general election vote-frightener. It is a real issue for (us) parents, but truth and realities aren't explained. (Probably like the financial breakdown. There will be thousands of honest financial advisors shouting to the rooftops about how how stupid we all are.) Estelle Morris was too honest - it was obvious she had to go. In 50 years time will this early 21st century 'debate' be viewed on a sort of parallel with the McCarthy witch-hunts? There is no honesty in what is best for children. The whole education debate centres around what 'experts' think. They are employed by the party in power. Education authorities and their 'experts' cannot afford to be doubted. Nobody can say, " I think I may be mistaken there." If they do, it is like saying, "I've just wasted billions of pounds". But then maybe they were put in a position to waste those millions of pounds so that they could be told, "I told you so ...." The teachers in those Learning Centres are cannon fodder. The whole situation has been set up to probably fail. If it succeeds our political masters are brilliant. If it fails ...... the health of a lot of honest educators will be trashed.