Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The Great Schools Campaign attracts even more support...

The launch of the British Council of School Environments (BCSE) 'Great Schools' campaign continues to gather support from a wide variety of people. The most recent of these include Kevin McLeod, (from Channel 4's 'Grand Designs'), who has long been a keen BCSE supporter. Kevin dropped into their offices recently to record a couple of short videos outlining his support for the Great schools campaign. To view his campaign support click here.

He is also passionate about the importance of environments that respect the students who use then, who in turn, respect the environment. To view these thoughts click here.

I am a great believer that all students and educators deserve great learning environments that motivate, encourage, facilitate and engage learners, no matter what their preferred learning style. The more we can do to support the realisation of this, no matter how little the detail, the better.

A significant number of people already support this campaign and I am sure that more will also be filmed demonstrating their support in the future. For more detail of BCSE's Great Schools campaign launch click here. To view BCSE's website click here

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