Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The 'Great Schools Campaign' starts

I am delighted that BCSE (British Council for School Environments) has just launched its Great Schools Campaign. The launch took place on Tuesday 24th February 2009 at Portcullis House. Great schools - great idea .... how can anyone associated with education not get excited about anything that moves us all towards achieving great schools. But how do we know and be able to prove what they are?

This potentially very important campaign, will last for 18 months, and aims to create a national debate about great schools and explore the role that schools and learning environments play in tackling social inequality and improving the life chances of children and young people
As part of the Great Schools Campaign, BCSE is also organising a major Inquiry named the 'Great Schools Inquiry'. Demonstrating the importance of this inquiry, former Secretary of State for Education Baroness Estelle Morris has agreed to be the Chair. This will be an independent, evidence based investigation that will feed directly into practice on the ground and into national policy development.
This is a particularly timely initiative with the increasing tempo of the BSF initiative and the start of the Primary Capital Programme. BCSE Deputy Director Ian Fordham speaks with massive enthusiasm of the considerable interest from people engaged in all forms of education in supporting this inquiry. I'm one of them!
The research and focused conversations will be fascinating.... but talk is easy. What I am really excited about is to see what impact this inquiry and campaign will have on existing and future schools!

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