Monday, 23 March 2009

Late start for teenagers is happening already..

Following on from my blog entry "Sleepy Teenagers" about Monkseaton High School considering starting school later for some students, the Times Educational Supplement this week carried a story noting that Hugh Christie Technology College in Kent already does this. Three hundred 14-18 students start at 11.30 and finish at 5.30 on three days a week. (It applies to all (It applies to all Years 12 / 13 students and selected Year 10 and 11 students)

According to the story by journalist David Marley this revised timetable has had a “powerful impact”. Parents and teachers have apparently given very positive feedback from this approach.

Sensibly they do this three days a week and start early on Fridays to allow for an early finish for all. (The remaining day has no formal lessons).

The impact of this has apparently contributed to what is predicted to be the equivalent of at least a grade difference across the board. Exams results rising, attendance rising, behaviour better, better relationships at home with parents / young people in the morning,

I have always said that those Heads and staff willing to be brave to support students achieving better and becoming more engaged with their learning deserve support. We have to do some things differently and be willing to be brave. What we do depends on the context and students. This approach wouldn’t be right for everyone but I am delighted that for this school the brave innovative decision appears to be producing very positive results. This will allow other people to learn from good practice – the more the better really.

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