Thursday, 12 March 2009

Lets talk about.... BSF

It's always good to review and evaluate current practice, especially when it potentially affects learners around the country. Being interviewed yesterday by leading centre right think tank 'Policy Exchange', we discussed many aspects of 21st century learning and teaching as well as issues around BSF.

I am a fan of the total revamp of our secondary school provision. However I am equally committed to a system that is transparent, effective and has a proven positive impact on the learning, teaching and achievement of the students within them.

It's good to talk and as we get nearer to an election it is so important that education does not become the inevitable political football it so often does. The focus must be ongoing improvements of the system. New learning environments are a key part of this.

(NB: Just in case you wondered I am only one of many being interviewed as part of a much bigger research programme so panic not).


Anonymous said...

I think this blog thing is great. Keep it up.

Gareth Long said...

Thanks so much for writing and I am glad you are enjoying visiting my blog. Please do keep reading and,if you wish, commenting.


Anonymous said...

this a great blog - it is fun and really varied and does not try to be pompous or something it isn't. I love reading it - you never know what Gareth is going to write about next. The short comments are always well written, often funny and easy to read. Keep writing please Gareth you have lots of readers.