Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Changes on the Teachers Television website

I was pleased to be asked by the amazing folks at Teachers TV to help promote their new website. This goes live over the next month or so. They will be promoting the preview site on their homepage from next week but readers of this blog can 'get in early' by clicking the following link:

It may still be that not all links are functional, and so for regular queries do continue using the current site. I encourage everyone to look around and leave any feedback via the online feedback form.

The depth and quality of resources that TTV provides is just amazing and I know that increasiIng numbers of people are using them. To those who have not explored the website so far - I do urge you to do so - so many free resources that may help lessons and also support professional development. The other great thing of course is that the resources available just keeps growing all the time.

I have met a several of the senior TTV team a number of times - they are just so committed to producing the highest quality resources to help support education. This much improved website is just great.


Anonymous said...

Obviously Teacher's TV and Apple don't grab peoples attention in the same way as cpd in certain Education Authorities in the UK. Give us some more. It's so interesting reading the comments.

Gareth Long said...

Thanks - I hope the blog is interesting as well - as it provokes the comments.